GLSVe Help


GLSVe has been designed using .Net 2005 and has been tested on Windows 7 and Windows XP.

GLSVe uses OpenGL, GLU, GLUT and Tao.OpenGl for graphics generation.We also need OpenAl and SDL.Net for the audio utility. Finally, SDL.Net is also used to manage textures.

To use GLSVe in your project follow this steps:

1. Install GLUT library . You must download freeglut.dll and copy it in C:/WINDOWS/system32/.

2. Install OpenAl library . Download oalinst.zip, extract and execute it.

3. Install SDL.Net. Download sdldotnet-6.1.0-sdk-setup.exe and execute it.

4. Download GLSVe and open it on .Net: GLSVe download

Good luck!

The latest download in sourceforge, v1.1 beta, includes the GLSVe library (source code) and several examples of use. Each of them has a brief description of its functionality at the top of the Form1.cs code. We reproduce those descriptions here.